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Welcome! Thank you for choosing Midwest Language Services, LLC. We look forward to helping you learn a new language and communicate more clearly with your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Learning a new language is a commitment for both you (the student) and for your tutor.
When a day and time have been agreed upon with a client / student, it is considered a regular weekly appointment.

Your lesson time is designated especially for you. When students are absent from their lessons, other students lose the benefit of scheduling an appointment with your tutor.

Midwest Language Services, LLC relies on the consistency of our students to provide critical English tutoring services.

As such, Midwest Language Services, LLC has formally adopted policies concerning cancellations. All students utilizing the services of Midwest Language Services agree to abide by these policies and agree to the consequences of not following our policies.

Prepayment will be required by all students who take private lessons, semi-private lessons, and group classes. Payments will be due on the first calendar day of each month. The only exception is for students who take pay-as-you-go classes that are pre-scheduled.

Students must notify their tutor and the invoicing department by e-mail at of their schedule for the upcoming month no later than the 23rd of each month. We understand that sometimes unexpected situations such as emergencies, illness, etc. will happen, but it helps us to know in advance when we should plan to see you.
Example: If you are usually scheduled to take your lesson on Tuesday, but there are five Tuesdays next month, please let us know if you will be taking four lessons or five and the dates you plan to take your lessons. Please put “Attendance Information” in the subject line. Thank you.

Students will receive an invoice based on the lesson schedule that they have set. Be sure to check your calendar carefully before committing to your lesson dates and times. There will be no refunds if a student has committed to three lessons, but only attends two lessons. This is because your tutor has already reserved his or her time for your lesson and cannot accept other students during your reserved lesson appointment time. Instead of a refund, you will receive a make-up lesson. If no make-up is possible, then you will receive credit the following month. That means that we will not be sending revised invoices for the current month. The adjustment will be made in the next month’s invoice. This keeps our invoicing system more streamlined.

If we do not receive your attendance information by the time we send out invoices, you will be billed for all regularly scheduled lessons.

Our instructors have very full schedules and rescheduling should only be done in an emergency and if your tutor’s time permits it.

Same day cancellations will not receive make-up lessons and will not receive credit or a refund. If an instructor makes a same-day cancellation, you may discuss a make-up or credit for the following month’s lessons.

Students must give notice by 6 PM of the previous day if they will be absent the next day. This allows time for your tutor to adjust his or her schedule.

Make-up lessons (rescheduled lessons) will be available depending on the availability of our instructors and should be scheduled within 30 days of the missed lesson.

If the tutor is not available for either a regular lesson or a make-up lesson, we will see if a substitute tutor is available.

If no substitute is available, then the student may receive either a refund or a credit at the discretion of Midwest Language Services, LLC

If a student is regularly absent from lessons at least twice per month, a representative of Midwest Language Services, LLC will discuss possible new scheduling options (another day, time, etc).

Instructors do not handle invoicing issues. They are responsible for teaching their students. Please send all questions regarding invoices to

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

I agree to abide by these policies and agree to the consequences of policy violations.

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